Bachin Draw is a CNC/Laser/Pen-Drawer software.


If you have purchased any BACHIN machine or control board, you do not need to purchase a license. Then license came with control board.

Click to buy a license.


1-Installing Software

Double click the driver Setup.exe,and follow the installation guide

Click Load Bachin Draw now. After installed, you will find a Icon Named Bachin Draw on computer desktop and the Start Menu. Click the icon to start Bachin Draw next times.

2-Bachin Draw anatomy

The interface is as follows:

1)Load Picture: Supported File Types: *PNG, *JPG, *JPEG,*BMP, *SVG, *DXF,G-code.

2)Control:Control of the machine running(details behind).

3)Shape:On line tools,such as CAM.

4)Text:You can choose the font that comes with the software, or create your own font.

5)Gallery:You could choose one of the artwork that you would like to engraving.

6)Setting:In most cases, it's not necessary to change the settings.

3.Origin setting

The origin setting mainly depends on personal habits. It is recommended to set the origin in the down left corner. Click on Move Origin,then you can move the origin. Once the setting is completed, click Move Origin again, then the origin is locked.If the origin is set in the middle, move the laser module to the middle of the machine.

Now you can start engraving.


Add fonts to BachinDraw

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