T-A4 is an new product of Bachinmaker company. For writing and drawing .

Now ,let's see how to use it.

Step 1 -- Simple assembly

3.Connecting the Motors

**Details for the control board

Press the power switch ,light's on

Tips: The power light is on, the power supply is normal. If not ,try another power adapter(12V DC)

Step 2 -- Software Installation -Bachin Draw


If the software cannot be connected

please download the latest version online:http://bachinmaker.com/wiki/doku.php?id=bachin_draw

Step 3 -- Testing machine


1.Display 'Connected' means the software is successful connection.

2.If the motor jitters but not move ,check the motor cable .

3.If the machine move to the opposite direction ,adjust the software setting :invert X-axis or invert Y-axis

In other cases, please contact technical support:support@bachinmaker.com


Pen up gap:5mm above paper


Support file type: PNG,JPEG,JPG,SVG,GCODE,DXF,BMP.


If the writing result is abnormal. Please check:

1.whether the screws is loose.

2. The belt is too tight or too loose.


Multiple color plotting just supported the .svg file


Handwriting font input function only supports Android phones.


Click on Synchronization ,then scan the QR code handwriting input on mobile phone .Synchronization Finish

That's all . Tutorials are constantly being updated

Work show for you

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