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 + ​“error:​1” ​ : _(“G-code words consist of a letter and a value. Letter was not found.”),
 +“error:​2” ​ : _(“Numeric value format is not valid or missing an expected value.”),
 +“error:​3” ​ : _(“Grbl ‘$’ system command was not recognized or supported.”),​
 +“error:​4” ​ : _(“Negative value received for an expected positive value.”),
 +“error:​5” ​ : _(“Homing cycle is not enabled via settings.”),​
 +“error:​6” ​ : _(“Minimum step pulse time must be greater than 3usec”),
 +“error:​7” ​ : _(“EEPROM read failed. Reset and restored to default values.”),​
 +“error:​8” ​ : _(“Grbl ‘$’ command cannot be used unless Grbl is IDLE. Ensures smooth operation during a job.”),
 +“error:​9” ​ : _(“G-code locked out during alarm or jog state”),
 +“error:​10” : _(“Soft limits cannot be enabled without homing also enabled.”),​
 +“error:​11” : _(“Max characters per line exceeded. Line was not processed and executed.”),​
 +“error:​12” : _(“(Compile Option) Grbl ‘$’ setting value exceeds the maximum step rate supported.”),​
 +“error:​13” : _(“Safety door detected as opened and door state initiated.”),​
 +“error:​14” : _(“(Grbl-Mega Only) Build info or startup line exceeded EEPROM line length limit.”),
 +“error:​15” : _(“Jog target exceeds machine travel. Command ignored.”),​
 +“error:​16” : _(“Jog command with no ‘=’ or contains prohibited g-code.”),​
 +“error:​20” : _(“Unsupported or invalid g-code command found in block.”),
 +“error:​21” : _(“More than one g-code command from same modal group found in block.”),
 +“error:​22” : _(“Feed rate has not yet been set or is undefined.”),​
 +“error:​23” : _(“G-code command in block requires an integer value.”),
 +“error:​24” : _(“Two G-code commands that both require the use of the XYZ axis words were detected in the block.”),
 +“error:​25” : _(“A G-code word was repeated in the block.”),
 +“error:​26” : _(“A G-code command implicitly or explicitly requires XYZ axis words in the block, but none were detected.”),​
 +“error:​27” : _(“N line number value is not within the valid range of 1 – 9,​999,​999.”),​
 +“error:​28” : _(“A G-code command was sent, but is missing some required P or L value words in the line.”),
 +“error:​29” : _(“Grbl supports six work coordinate systems G54-G59. G59.1, G59.2, and G59.3 are not supported.”),​
 +“error:​30” : _(“The G53 G-code command requires either a G0 seek or G1 feed motion mode to be active. A different motion was active.”),​
 +“error:​31” : _(“There are unused axis words in the block and G80 motion mode cancel is active.”),​
 +“error:​32” : _(“A G2 or G3 arc was commanded but there are no XYZ axis words in the selected plane to trace the arc.”),
 +“error:​33” : _(“The motion command has an invalid target. G2, G3, and G38.2 generates this error, if the arc is impossible to generate or if the probe target is the current position.”),​
 +“error:​34” : _(“A G2 or G3 arc, traced with the radius definition, had a mathematical error when computing the arc geometry. Try either breaking up the arc into semi-circles or quadrants, or redefine them with the arc offset definition.”),​
 +“error:​35” : _(“A G2 or G3 arc, traced with the offset definition, is missing the IJK offset word in the selected plane to trace the arc.”),
 +“error:​36” : _(“There are unused, leftover G-code words that aren’t used by any command in the block.”),
 +“error:​37” : _(“The G43.1 dynamic tool length offset command cannot apply an offset to an axis other than its configured axis. The Grbl default axis is the Z-axis.”),​
 +“error:​38” : _(“An invalid tool number sent to the parser”),
 +“ALARM:​1” : _(“Hard limit triggered. Machine position is likely lost due to sudden and immediate halt. Re-homing is highly recommended.”),​
 +“ALARM:​2” : _(“G-code motion target exceeds machine travel. Machine position safely retained. Alarm may be unlocked.”),​
 +“ALARM:​3” : _(“Reset while in motion. Grbl cannot guarantee position. Lost steps are likely. Re-homing is highly recommended.”),​
 +“ALARM:​4” : _(“Probe fail. The probe is not in the expected initial state before starting probe cycle, where G38.2 and G38.3 is not triggered and G38.4 and G38.5 is triggered.”),​
 +“ALARM:​5” : _(“Probe fail. Probe did not contact the workpiece within the programmed travel for G38.2 and G38.4.”),
 +“ALARM:​6” : _(“Homing fail. Reset during active homing cycle.”),
 +“ALARM:​7” : _(“Homing fail. Safety door was opened during active homing cycle.”),
 +“ALARM:​8” : _(“Homing fail. Cycle failed to clear limit switch when pulling off. Try increasing pull-off setting or check wiring.”),​
 +“ALARM:​9” : _(“Homing fail. Could not find limit switch within search distance. Defined as 1.5 * max_travel on search and 5 * pulloff on locate phases.”),​
 +“Hold:​0” : _(“Hold complete. Ready to resume.”),​
 +“Hold:​1” : _(“Hold in-progress. Reset will throw an alarm.”),
 +“Door:​0” : _(“Door closed. Ready to resume.”),​
 +“Door:​1” : _(“Machine stopped. Door still ajar. Can’t resume until closed.”),​
 +“Door:​2” : _(“Door opened. Hold (or parking retract) in-progress. Reset will throw an alarm.”),
 +“Door:​3” : _(“Door closed and resuming. Restoring from park, if applicable. Reset will throw an alarm.”),
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