Connect all wires

Power supply, Stepper, Laser and USB wires to the computer.


Download and install software.

Engraver Master

After installed, click Launch Engraver Mastev.

If Engraver Master can not connect to the machine. Check here for detail reason.


Move the laser node to the moddle of the machine using hand, put a pices of wood under it. Wear protective glasses simple check the machine using the Engraver Master.


Click X+ button, the laser node should go right.

Click Y+ botton, the laser node should go left.


Click Laser On(weak) button the laser should lights in weak light mode. Click Laser On(strong) button the laser should lights in burnning mode, be carefull,it may burn the wood, you should wear protective glasses always!


Adjust the laser focus Before engravering objects with difference height, you may need adjust the laser node. See How to adjust the laser focus


Start Engravering

open the [NC-Sender] tab page of Engraver Master. There is a example image on it. Click [Test Size], the laser node should light in weak mode and go in a square. Place the wood you going to engraver inside the square. Finally click the [Start] button.

The first engravering may not take a good effect. Great achievements always need patience and try. Take a look at Idears for good engravering.

You can engraver your own image or Cad files. See more tutorails.

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