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Nano 3Axis Control Board is a Arduino Nano based 3 Axises Motion control system, can be used for Laser Engraving machine, Drawer Machine, CNC Engraving Machine etc..


  • Integrated 3 A4988 drivers, directly connect to four wire stepper motor.
  • Support Laser or Spindle.
  • Support 12V, 5V with TTL and without TTL laser.
  • Adjustable driver subdivision.
  • Support the xyz limit switch, probe interface.
  • Support external Offline Controller(Optional).
  • A4988 can be replaced with 8825 driver.


TFT LCD Control Panel

Control the CNC without USB wire and Computer, GCode files in a TF Card.

See more detail

Network Resource

A web application help to create gcode:

Grbl firmware source:

Other software support this board.

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