A simple video on youtube show how to use it.


  • Send NC file in TF card
  • Control the Spindle/Laser
  • Move axises/Go Home/Probe
  • Change necessary Grbl settings
  • Support Grbl firmware and Laser Printer firware.
  • And moreā€¦

This Display Panel can take the place of Computer most of the time, but files in TF card still need Computer to create it.


The Display Panel has only one knob, the knob can rotate left and right and press down.

  • Rotate: change the menu item to be selected, change values, change engraving speed, etc..
  • Press: pop-up menu, confirm the choice.

Upgrade firmware

Just need to download the last firmware file, unzip to the TF card's root directory.

See more detail


Notice: The Display software may be updated, the pictures bellow is just for a example.

Pinout for Developer

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