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Bachin Laser Machine with 2500mW Laser or above.


Normally wood cannot be cut. Only basswood can be cut.  Maximum Cutting Thickness <= 3mm.

Finished Product:

Speed & Laser Setting

Usually you need to try different parameters several times to find the most appropriate parameters. 2500mW is not a very height power laser, so we need to repeat it 4 or 5 times before we can cut it off. 

 Recommended parameters:
 Laser Power: 100%
 Repeats: 5 times
 Speed: 300
 Laser Optimization:no
 Please adjust the speed and repetition times according to the cutting effect.

Screenshot of Engraver Master

Design your own patterns

Any bitmap picture (JPG,BMP,PNG…) can be used for cutting. Just load the picture and select the cutting mode in Engraver Master or BachinDraw. But for the best result, we suggest you using SVG or DXF file. You can use Inkscape, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator CC or other Vector Design Software to design your own patterns.

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