How to Add Handwriting Fonts?(How to Add single line font?)

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This is a question that many friends are asking. Today I will explain in detail.

There are have 3 methods.

NO.1-Directly use the handwritten fonts that come with the software:click on New Writing button

You can see there are about 10 handwriting fonts:

You can use these fonts directly in the software:

NO.2 Create your own handwritten fonts:

There are  steps as follow:

 step 1-create a font name:click on New Writing Library

there will comes a dialog:input a name ,then click on OK button

 step 2-input the text (Or copy and paste the characters into the text area) ;

 step 3-click on Add Writing button 

then here comes the following picture:

step 4-Scan the first QR code with your Android phone,Install an Bachin Write APP on your phone

step 5-Click on Synchronization button first,open the phone app , scan the second QR code, you can input characters one by one.   

step 6-After you input all the characters ,click on Synchronization  button firstly ,then click on Finish button.

Handwriting font are ready in the Bachin Draw software.Now you can use your own font.

If you find that there are not enough characters to use, you can add new characters to your font. The operation steps start from the step 3 above.

NO.3-Inkscape software creates single-line fonts

You can download the inkscape software ,it have some nice single-line fonts,this is the tutorial for beginners:  

Please read the tutorial first.

Now if  you have download the inkscape software ,continue:open inkscape,Extensions>Render>Hershey Text

then comes a dialog:Marked are single-line fonts,you can choose one of them

input text here:

After all the text is entered, click on Apply button. You can set the font size in the inkscape, save it as SVG format,

 then import it into Bachin Draw software ,now you can start writing.

Thank you for your patient reading, if you have a better way to add handwritten fonts, please do let me know, thank you!!

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