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Bachin laser machine

Bachin D8-4050P

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0.Quick help>>

Dear friend,if you have any questions ,

Welcome to Bachinmaker! This is the user guide for the Bachin D8-4050P laser engraving machines. This guide is here to help you get started. There is a lot here–covering how you set up and use the machine, and pointing you towards additional resources for the future.

1.Assembly instruction >>

video on YouTube :

2.Connected all the cables>>follow the picture:

3.Usage and Software » Engraver Master

3.1 Download from

Double-click the drive file :setup.exe (from the USB flash driver or download from this web.)

After the driver is installed successfully, an icon will appear on the computer desktop:

  More detail: Engraver Master                                     

3.2 Double-click the icon,appear the interface:

 Port Name -COM3 or other ,Baud Rate-115200,the button show:Close  mean  the software is connected successfully.

when the button show Open Laser Device,means not connected successfully,please restall it.

Important Tips 1: 

Do select the NC Sender mode for laser engraving,more faster and good effect:

Function introduction of NC Sender:

--Load NC File:  open the NC or gcode file 

--Export NC File: save the NC file

--Start/Pause: start engravng or stop

--Test Size : preview engraving position

--Load Picture: open your own picture

--Full mode/Cutting mode/Line: filled/outline/line to line engraving

--New Size: input the value to setting the size of  picture,clike on ok ,Reset mean Restore original size

--Creat Text NC File: enter the text ,you can select the font and set the size

Important Tips 2:

  Many friends want to ask :How to speed up the engraving speed? Here is the answer:

  Step 1> The higher of the value ,the faster of the speed.

Step 2> Device Settings

Acceleration and Moving speed:The higher of the value ,the faster of the speed.

You can set the value from 0-3000.

Important Tips 3:

How to adjust the laser power on the software??

Device Settings: set laser power 90%,80% or more lower.Mainly used for high-power laser engraving  on wood, leather, paper, plastic, etc.

For example: when i use the laser power 2500mW ,i set the laser power is about 50%,speed about 2000.

Weak Light Adjust: When you use a low-power laser(<500mW), the weak-light display is relatively dark, you can increase this value.

Important Tips 4:

How to adjust the focus of the laser??

Wear protective glasses, turn on the Weak light ,Adjust the focus to the smallest spot,must wear the protective glasses :

It can be counterclockwise or clockwise, as long as the light spot can be adjusted to the minimum.

Minimal light spot, best engraving effect.

After seeing this step, you can start engraving, if you want to learn more, please continue.

3.3 Grayscale Engraving>>

Print Picture Suitable for gray style , to sculpt more details,so it's very slow.



3.4 Quick Tagging-here is for engraving the single line font .Very fast but only one font.

That's all ,thank you.