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0. This guide is a work in progress!

This guide is a continuing work in progress, and we want to suggest you to check back occasionally for the latest version of this manual, and to check that you have the latest version of the software. You can download the latest version of this at:

Watch the unboxing video:

1.Checking out your package

Here are the parts that come with T- 2039:

1-The Y-axis slider (base;central strut)

2-The X-axis slider

3-Power supply

4-USB cable

5-Motor cable(2 pcs)

6-Inner hexagon spanner(Sizes include 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm,and 4 mm)

7-Binder clips(4 pcs)

8-Hand screw nut(4 pcs)

9-Not shown:Pen(1 pcs)

10-Not shown:USB flash driver(include the driver,unboxing video ,user guide, Inkscape tutorial, and example file.)

2. Machine anatomy

Let us look at the different parts of the Bachin Draw T-2039. We will refer to these parts by name throughout this guide. These features are common to each model of T-2039, though appearances may vary slightly.


3. Unboxing

The pen-lift motor cable and the pen clip are disconnected ,and the X&Y-axis motor cables are disconnected for shipping. Connect all the cables as shown. 

Safety operation need to know: When you want to disconnected and cables , you should cut off the power supply firstly.

4.Control Software description

You will need to install software on your computer to operate the T-2039. You can find the driver from the USB flash drive or download it at:

The software supported with Windows7/8/10 and XP, can not supported with MAC and Linux.

5.Installing Software

Double click the driver Setup.exe,and follow the installation guide

Click Load Bachin Draw now. After installed, you will find a Icon Named Bachin Draw on computer desktop and the Start Menu. Click the icon to start Bachin Draw next times. More details about Bachin Draw:

6.Origin setting

The origin setting mainly depends on personal habits. It is recommended to set the origin in the down left corner. Click on Move Origin,then you can move the origin. Once the setting is completed, click Move Origin again, then the origin is locked.


①②:Reserve a reasonable space.Move the carriage by hand.

7.Fixed pen

7.1 Pen choice

Good choices for pens include fountain pens, permanent markers, rollerball pens, technical pens, (small-bodied) whiteboard markers, liquid chalk markers, and other writing and drawing instruments that do not require significant pressure.While we refer to writing and drawing instruments as “pens” to be concise, other instruments such as automatic pencils, chalk, charcoal, and brushes can also work well in many cases.

7.2 Setting the pen angle

The pen may be mounted vertically or at about 30°~ 45° to the paper by mounting the Pen Clip in either the vertical or angled position.

To detach the pen clip, loosen and remove the M3 screw on the front of the pen clip.using the 2.5 mm hex wrench. The angled position is optimal for use with fountain pens, but will work well with most rollerball and fine point markers. The vertical position is more suited to markers with fatter tips or writing instruments that require more downward pressure.

7.3 Inserting a pen

You can insert a pen – or other writing instrument that you are using – into the pen clip and tighten it in place with the thumbscrew.Take care to only apply gentle force with the thumbscrew: You need merely to immobilize the pen, so stop turning once you encounter moderate resistance.

The vertical position of your pen should be approximately 3 - 10 mm above the surface of the paper. You can physically adjust the position of the pen with the thumbscrew.

8. Work-holding

Whatever workpiece the T-2039 is to write or draw upon – whether that is paper, wood, or cookies – needs to be reasonably fixed in place so that it does not move while plotting.

8.1 Printing on large workpieces

For large workpieces such as the large poster board shown here, the Bachin Draw T-2039 may be placed directly on top of the workpiece. Other examples of large workpieces that might include things like fabric, wooden surfaces, or large whiteboards.

8.2 Printing on small workpieces

Papers, such as A4/A5 paper, letter,envelopes, postcards, certificates, invitations, etc., can be used in a variety of ways, and everything around you can be used for fixing. For example: Clip easel,painters tape,stone,metal pieces,wood ,even the mobile phone. Similar to various notebooks, must be fixed with clips.

9. Positioning your paper With your pen at the origin(above), and the pen at an appropriate height, it is time to position the paper with respect to the T-2039. The printable area starts at the origin, and extends upper and to the right from that point.

Position the Bachin Draw T-2039 such that the pen tip is at the down left corner of the area that you intend to plot upon.Preview is a very important thing before plotting. When you click on the Preview button , T-2039 will Take a quick plotting without any traces and return to the origin.

10. Making your first plot

Bachin Draw comes with a variety of pictures, maybe it is a great idea to select one of them for the first plotting .

Click on Start button ,then machine is running. Tips:Once the USB cable is connected ,the carriage should not be moved by hand,only be moved by the direction key .

Every time you should check the area around the T-2039, and make sure that the carriage has room to move,after finish printing the document, it will return back to the origin, with pen up.

Or load a file that from the example folder for the first plot.Find the file called BachinDraw_First.svg in the USB flash drive.Once open, the document should look approximately like this:

11.Plotting multiple colors

Find the file called multiple_colors.svg from the example folder in the USB flash drive.Once open, the document should look approximately like this:

Double click on the picture,there goes a dialog:you can resetting the size. Just change one of the value.

When everything was done , click on Start button, a voice appears:Please replace the color pen.You can follow the color tips,or just change any color that you like.

Here are the artwork, done:

Plotting multiple colors only support *svg file .The file is designed by Inkscape . Tutorial:

12. Quickly enter text

Click on ① and ②, input text in ③ place,edit the text on ④ area, at the last click on Generate⑤.the document should look approximately like this(Enter several fonts for comparison):


The most amazing function is that you can input your own font, just like the word writing by your hand but you are not really do the job.

Click on ① and ②, input text in ③ place,edit the text on ④ area, when you click on Generate , here comes a tips: Missing handwriting data, please click Add writing.

Follow the steps with your mobile phone scan QR code below:

Download the APP, and would see Bachin Write from your Mobile phone:

After writing all the word , click on Synchronization»Finish» Generate

Handwriting function currently only supports Android system, i phone is temporarily unable to use this feature, we will improve this part as soon as possible.