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Bachin laser machine

Bachin D8-1720Pro

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Welcome to Bachin maker! This is the user guide for the Bachin laser engraving machine, interesting ,easy using and add creative on your life. This guide is here to help you get started. 

1.Wiring Instructions

connect all the cables :power supply , USB cable,motor cables and laser cable:

3. Software Installation

You can directly double-click the Setup.exe file from the USB flash driver ,

Or download from here:

Bachin Draw

After installed, you will find a Icon Named Bachin Draw on computer desktop and the Start Menu.

 Click the icon to start Bachin Draw .

The interface is as follows:

4.Start Engraving

After the software is successfully installed, place the engraved object under the laser head:

Click on the software interface: Weak On buttonSet the parameters as shown below

There are two types of lasers, one is adjustable focus and the other is fixed focus.

No.1 The adjustable laser(0.5W,2.5W,5.5W),Manual focusing, 

NO.2,fixed focus(7W,10W,15W,20W)Focusing with the help of the focusing column

When the focus is finished, click the Preview button, when the engraved position is okay, click Start .

Safety guide

(1)-Please pay attention to protect your eyes and use protective glasses.

(2)You should cut of the power when not use the machine .

(3)Away from children!

(4)Prohibited from use in flammable objects or gases .

(5)In case of emergency, cut off the power immediately.



(1)Sometimes ,the software maybe disconnected ,don't worry ,Turn off and restart,or delete it and reinstalling again.

(2)Can not use benbox software.