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Bachin Draw

Bachin Draw is developed by Bachinmaker. The software can be used for laser/CNC engraving machines and pen writing/drawing robots. 

It is very simple and fast.


 (Please copy the above website address to the browser address bar)


Part 1-Installing Software

Double click the driver Setup.exe,and follow the installation guide

Click Load Bachin Draw now. After installed, you will find a Icon Named Bachin Draw on computer desktop and the Start Menu.

 Click the icon to start Bachin Draw next times.


The interface is as follows:

Part 2- Bachin Draw Usage

2.1 > This is the main toolbar for Bachin Draw:

--Open: Open your own image file. Supported File Types: *PNG, *JPG, *JPEG,*BMP, *SVG, *DXF,G-code.

--Save: Save your project

--Control: The main Home screen to start your project

--Shape: On line tools,such as CAM.

--Text: You can choose the font that comes with the software, or create your own font.

--Gallery: The images come with the software.

--Setting: Change settings on your own machine.In most cases, it's not necessary to change the settings.

--Move canvas: Allows the entire workspace to be moved to allow viewing of the entire workspace.

--Move Origin: Allows the starting position to be moved within the workspace. Default origin is the top left corner of the workspace.

--Canvas:Set the canvas size,the length and width ;set form: blank, notebook or grid

2.2 > Machine type, Language settings

First of all,select the machine type,see the NO.9>>Machine type >>Laser Engrave Machine ,Pen Writing Machine with Motor(like T-A4,ST-2039);Pen Writing Machine with servo(T-2039)



1- User Manual: Read Tutorial

2-YouTube Channel: link to YouTube video

3-BachinDraw Forum: Discussion forum

4-Auto Language: According to the language automatically displayed by your computer system,Many languages do not support, generally display English

5-English: Display english

6-Toggle Units: Units of measurement to inches

7-License:Check the serial code

8-Extern: Used for live broadcast, this is a customized function, only customized machines can be used

9-Machine Type Select one type

Part 3- Start Operation

3.1 Use the writing and drawing machine as an example firstly(type:T-A4 or ST-2039)

Machine type:Pen Writing Machine with Motor,Pen down value 2-5 is ok .The pen-up and pen-down heights may each be adjusted between 0 and 8 to suit your needs. Higher values lift the pen higher. Pen up value set 0.

3.2 First Drawing

STEP 1.Open your own image file:Supported File Types: *PNG, *JPG, *JPEG,*BMP, *SVG, *DXF,G-code.

STEP 2.If your Image format is JPG,JPEG,PNG, double click the image to enter the edit dialog:

Size: setting the size of the image,just change one of the value

Draw Mode: choose Line By Line or Z Line,more faster.Points very slow ,Outline Cutting only draw the outline.

Line Height: No need to choose, the default value is fine.

STEP 3.After the setting is completed, click the Preview button to confirm the drawing position, then Start.

3.3 Enter text

There are two text formats: New Writing -- Single Line Handwriting Fonts

                                                  New Text-- Computer fonts

more details about the text setting:



2-Fill Line Height

3.4 Multiple pen colorful painting

This is interesting function of Bachin Draw!Just two steps.

 STEP 1.Creat a SVG file by Inkscape (tutorial link)

 STEP 2.Import the SVG file to Bachin Draw(for example)

After click on Start button,voice prompts :please replace the color pen,and a dialog appears:


Install the pen and click Apply,the machine running.After one color is finished, the voice prompt appears again.

3.5 Laser engraving machine 

Select the Machine type >>Laser Engrave Machine(see 2.2)

The software interface is basically the same as the writing machine,  focus on the differences below:


Weak on: the laser turns on weak light(Used for focusing and positioning)

Laser on: the laser turns on strong light

Preview: preview engraving position

Carving speed: the higher the value, the faster the engraving speed

ON/OFF: the laser power,255 mean 100% power


Add fonts to BachinDraw